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May 10, 2021

Marin Sorescu Book Prize to be awarded in Sweden

The 2010 book prize will be awarded at a ceremony held at the Bok&Bibliotek Book Fair in Gothenburg on Thursday, Eva Leonte with the Romanian Cultural Institute in Stockholm told Agerpres.

Four members of the jury will attend the event: Romanian born specialist Dan Shafran and journalists Jonas Ellerstrom, Gabriella Hlkansson and Annina Rabe. The prize is awarded annually in autumn to a Swedish writer who “dissolves boundaries and creates meeting places, which make communication among different forms of cultural expression possible.” The prize is worth 50,000 Swedish crowns and the winner also receives a trophy designed and made by Kuki Constantinescu. The winners so far, Steve Sem-Sandberg, Nina Burton and Peter Handberg will hold a seminar on the increasing role that scientific documentation plays in contemporary Swedish literature at the fair on Sunday, Leonte also says.

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