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May 6, 2021

OMV Official: Petrom is not for sale

Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer, the CEO of OMV, turned down recent rumours about a possible sell of Petrom, “Adevarul” daily reports. Recently, there has been talk on the oil market of a number of Russian companies’ interest in Petrom. “Petrom is not for sale! It is very important to us from a strategic point of view. We are involved in and committed to these three markets: Central Europe, South-East Europe and Turkey … As far as we are concerned, there is a clearly-defined regional strategy in the South-East, and Romania is central to it,” the head of OMV underlined. He added that OMV cannot be taken over, either, without the agreement of the two main shareholders, the Austrian state and the International Petroleum Investment Company in Abu Dhabi.

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