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September 25, 2021

Russia, China sign energy agreements as Medvedev visits

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Chinese President Hu Jintao attending the ceremony of commissioning the Russian-Chinese Skovorodino – Daqin oil pipeline in Beijing.

China and Russia have signed a series of agreements to boost energy co-operation during a ceremony to open an oil pipeline between the countries, BBC News reported. Leaders of the two nations agreed deals on gas supplies, energy efficiency, renewable energy and nuclear power. President Dmitry Medvedev is visiting China, where he and President Hu Jintao opened a pipeline that will supply Russian oil under a 20-year deal. Both sides hailed the move as a “new era” in co-operation.

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin told reporters in Beijing that Russia was in talks with China on plans to supply natural gas from 2015. “Russia is ready to meet China’s full demand in gas”, said Sechin. However, while it is thought that the two sides have agreed terms on the volume of gas to be supplied, they have not agreed a price.

In August, Russia opened its section of a 625-mile (1,000km) oil pipeline from eastern Siberia to China. The pipe connects Russian oil fields with Daqing, a major oil production base in northeastern China. “Both sides believe that the current strategic partnership between China and Russia stands at a new starting point,” President Hu said. “The smooth completion of the pipeline project is a model of the two countries’ mutually beneficial win-win cooperation and a milestone for Sino-Russian energy co-operation.”

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