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December 7, 2021

Baconschi joins PDL

Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Baconschi has announced yesterday that he has joined PDL. “I join PDL with a feeling of responsibility, with optimism and with unshaken confidence in right-wing principles. I join a party that I want to see refreshed and modelled along the values of the European Peoples Party. I enter politics at a moment of great economic, social and moral difficulty, but I bear with me a justified message of hope. I enter the internal political debate with the energy and experience of a generation that believes Romania deserves more,” the Foreign Affairs Minister stated according to a press communiqué. “I am animated by a single thought: the time has come for a real change in the whole society, in political debate, and people of my generation no longer afford the luxury of sitting on the sidelines,” Baconschi added. He pointed out that he joins PDL because the party needs new voices, people capable of being the messengers of “European Romania.”

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