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September 25, 2021

Marko Bela: public sector salaries to be hiked on January 1

UDMR President Marko Bela, Romania’s Deputy Premier, claims that the public sector employees’ salaries, currently cut by 25 per cent, will be hiked starting on January 1, 2011 with the hike’s percentage set to be established in the upcoming period. “Anyway, the salary fund will be the same but because expenditures and personnel cuts have taken place recently we will have the possibility of hiking the salaries somewhat. We would like small salaries to be hiked by a higher percentage than large salaries will,” the UDMR leader stated yesterday. He added that the lump tax should be canceled starting on October 1.

Also yesterday, Marko Bela announced that UDMR’s MPs will not vote in favour of a censure motion that they did not initiate. He added that the members of the opposition should in turn be glad they are not in power during this difficult period.

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