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January 27, 2023

World’s most severe scoliosis patient undergoes surgery in Bucharest

A 16 year-old girl whose vertebral column has a curvature of 160º degrees has been operated upon by doctors at the “Grigore Alexandrescu” Children’s Hospital. According to adevarul.ro, Bucharest doctors had to do two surgeries on the patient to straighten her backbone out. “This is the most serious case in specialized literature. This column curvature of 160º degrees has been unheard of. A curvature of 120º had been the worst reported.” Prof. Dr. Mihai Jianu, one of the four surgeons that operated on the girl, said.

According to doctors, the first surgery led to the patient’s vertebral column being straightened to 90º, and the second restored the column to its normal position. Experts say Romania stands tops Europe-wide as to the number of scoliosis cases, with nearly 20,000 patients undergoing surgery yearly. Over 80 per cent of them are children.

Doctors blame the large number of cases on the disease not being diagnosed in time, or being misdiagnosed. Orthopaedic surgeons dismantle some scoliosis treatment myths such as sleeping on a hard mattress, bringing to a halt physical activities at school, physical exercises with a broom stick behind your back or swimming, saying they could even worsen the condition.

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