Four dead, dozens injured in Tulcea bus accident

Three of the badly injured were sent to Bucharest hospitals for treatment.

A bus full of passengers overturned while being driven on top of a dam in Tulcea yesterday morning. The bus had 75 passengers onboard according to police officers’ statements quoted by Realitatea TV.

Four women lost their lives in the accident that took place around 6.30 AM on a road under construction. The bus, which was carrying workers to a textile plant and had exceeded its passenger limit, overturned while being driven on top of a dam. The passengers were taken to hospital.

“Four women died. Three of them were already dead when we arrived on the scene, and the fourth suffered a cardiac arrest in the ambulance. Efforts to resuscitate her failed. The injured persons are in stable condition. This is the worst accident in the last 15 years in Tulcea,” Ion Popescu, head of Tulcea County Hospital, stated for ‘Romania Libera’ daily’s website.

The other persons did not suffer serious injuries but have been placed under medical supervision.
One of the victims suffered a cervical fracture and was set to be taken to the Neurosurgery Hospital in Bucharest. According to Tulcea County Emergency Situations Inspectorate (ISU) representative Florin Bascau, the road located on top of the dam was not covered with asphalt and the bus overturned.

“A citizen passing through that area notified us around 7.37 AM that there is an overturned bus there. Three of our crews went to the scene and discovered the bus had landed wheels up. Many people were trapped within the mangled wreckage. We rescued around 20 persons from the mangled wreckage and they were taken to the Tulcea County Emergency Hospital,” ISU Tulcea representative Florin Bascau explained.

“The bus overturned. The persons were taken to the Tulcea County Hospital. We don’t know how many persons are seriously injured. From our information the driver pulled the bus on the side of the road to make way for another vehicle and the wheels slipped outside the dam. All passengers were taken to hospital,” Daniela Condrea, spokesperson of Tulcea County Police Inspectorate, stated.

“The road linking the city and the plant is under construction, something that entails complex works. It rained a lot last night. That and the fact that it was a narrow road on top of the dam caused the accident. We don’t know exactly how many people were in the bus, it seems the vehicle was overloaded. ISU and the ambulance service intervened promptly. I believe the transport company was authorized. It was a bus whose normal passenger load stood at approximately 45. Those guilty will be held liable,” Tulcea County Prefect Gudu Vasile stated.

Three persons injured in the accident were taken to hospitals in Bucharest, undersecretary of state Raed Arafat stated on Thursday for ‘Romania Libera’ daily.

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