Tokes wants to start his own party

The leaders of the National Council of Hungarians in Transylvania (CNMT), represented by Tokes Laszlo, president, and Toro T. Tibur, acting president, announced, yesterday, in Oradea, their intention to found a new party for the Hungarian ethnics, which would promote, resolutely, the objectives of Hungarian autonomy, across various levels and regions. Toro T. Tibor stated that the party did not have a name as yet and would be founded as a consequence of the dissatisfaction in the two existing parties, the Hungarian Civic Party (PCM) and the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR), which do not meet the need for representation of those calling for Hungarian autonomy. “It will bring together members of CNMT, other members of PCM and UDMR, and all those who wish to join,” Toro T. Tibor stated.

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