EUR 9 bln for roads, gone to waste, media

For the Transylvania Highway to reach Hungary, a portion of the oil field at Suplacu de Barcau will be sacrificed, a feature story in Jurnalul National shows. This decision implies EUR 250 M expenses. The Romanian National Roads and Highways Company (CNADNR) had, in the past four years, an allotted budget of EUR 9 bln. With proper management, these funds would have allowed the building of 1,000 km of highway in Romania. CNADNR wasted RON 250 bln on consultancy and planning alone, to no avail, as any driver in Romania can easily see, Jurnalul national claims. The money was allotted to contracts which were prolonged, for years, by additional acts, during which time they drained millions of euros out of the public purse. A great deal of the works in the planning of which the state pumped loads of money remained fictitious. Others were resumed year by year, with payments by additional acts, until they resulted in a final version which cost several times their initial value. In the newspaper’s view, CNADNR had its own planning department, with in-house engineers, and the company stopped paying loads of money for others to give shape to its “dreams”, expenses would be cut down, on average, by 70 per cent.

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