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August 14, 2022

Istanbul Express makes a three-day stop in Bucharest

The Nisi Masa European cultural associations’ network, in partnership with the Control N Cultural Association and the Make a Point Cultural Association, will organize, on Thursday evening, a special screening of Romanian short feature films, to mark Istanbul Express’s stop in Bucharest. According to a communiqué sent to Nine O’Clock, the films selected are “Captivi de Craciun” (Detained on Christmas – dir. Iulia Rugina), “Zmeii” (The Kites – dir. Vlad Ilicevici and Andrei Tanase), “Once upon a train”(dir. Madalina Rosca and Vlad Petri), “Lampa cu caciula” (The Tube with a Hat – dir. Radu Jude) and “Draft 7” (dir. Luiza Parvu, work in progress). The selection of films is by no means an accident. To begin with, these are films which explore the communication, the closeness and the stories which people come to share during a several hours’ train ride or while waiting for a train for hours. The participants in the Istanbul Express workshop are heading by train to Istanbul and, during their stop in Bucharest, they will watch a film made by two Romanians about the Turkish capital – Ankara. Vlad Ilicevici and Andrei Tanase directed the film “Zmeii”, which depicts the Ankara fortress, which has guarded the city for centuries and was the site of several civilisations at different points in history, as it stands today, when both its function and its leaders are different. “Zmeii” is a film based on a project of the Youth Participation and Intercultural Dialogue association, in collaboration with Nisi Masa.

The directors, sound editors and cinematographers participating in the Istanbul Express documentary film workshop have stopped, so far, in Tallinn, Helsinki, Turku, Stockholm, Berlin, Prague and Bratislava and started shooting, in teams of three, five documentaries addressing Europe’s cultural and linguistic diversity. They have literally crossed European borders and faced situations in which the language of each country played a crucial part. They have explored the Europe of the new generation and its language. On Thursday, the 15 participants will make a stop in Bucharest. The 15 young filmmakers who will be present in Bucharest include three Romanian representatives. Chosen following a pre-selection, the directors Catalin Musat and Mara Trifu and the cinematographer Mihai Marius Apopei started their European journey in the Estonian capital, Tallinn.

On September 23, at the same time as the train leaving from Tallinn, two other trains set out from San Sebastian (Spain) and Turin (Italy). On each train, the 15 participants are making five documentaries about what this journey actually means to them. The five trains will make stops in 24 cities in 18 countries, before reaching their final destination, Istanbul (the 2010 European Cultural Capital), on October 10. A preview screening of the films made during the Istanbul Express workshop is to take place there, on October 15.

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