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May 26, 2022

7-8 ruling coalition MPs might vote in favour of censure motion, PSD Senators’ leader says

“There are 7-8 people that are putting out feelers and are talking to us; some of them are scared. There is still this fear, this terror that has made its way within the Romanians’ souls, not just the politicians’ souls, the fear that you can never know when a file might be built against you. They are still under the impulse of this mentality, but some of them are determined,” Ilie Sarbu, leader of Social-Democrat Senators, stated yesterday for RFI.
“They are from PDL, UNPR event UDMR. There are people currently thinking things through. This time we aren’t the ones that come up with the arguments, we just confirm them. They are coming up with the arguments, they are telling us what we are saying too, namely that things can no longer go on like this, that Romania is not going in the right direction and that the current government is not able to pull the country out of the crisis. So we are not using various promises in an effort to convince them or to politically seduce them as tends to happen from time to time,” the leader of Social-Democrat Senators stated. Sarbu expressed his hope that unlike it happens usually, this time the votes cast on the censure motion will no longer be controllable by being set as part of an open vote process.

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