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November 20, 2019

Explosion rocks Petromidia oil refinery

An explosion occurred Sunday evening at the Petro­­midia oil refinery, when a piece of equipment was tested at high pressure. Fortunately, the blast did not start a fire. Three employees of the TMUCB company, who were doing pressure checks at the R1 reactor of the HDV installation, suffered minor burns and needed medical care, but now they are in good condition. In a press release, the Rompetrol group announces that the refinery and the pertinent state authorities will set up a commission to look into the incident. During Septem­ber 20 – November 1, activity in ‘Rompe­trol Rafinare’ and ‘Rompetrol Chemicals’ has been discontinued, for maintenance works part of the general overhaul that must be conducted every five years. The latest general overhaul was done in October 2005.

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