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September 19, 2021

Razvan Lucescu: “I will stay at the national team even if we don’t qualify”

Several weeks before the game against France, Razvan Lucescu had stated that he will resign in case the team loses its chances to qualify for EURO 2012. The day before the game he stressed that he will resign irrespective of the result obtained on Stade de France.

The defeat however changed Razvan Lucescu’s plans. In an interview for ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ he expressed his determination to remain at the helm of the team even if it fails to qualify for the final tournament in Poland and Ukraine. “There are reasons that can make me change my mind in what concerns the resignation! I will not be leaving even if we fail to qualify,” he stated.

Referring to the fact that he remained abroad after the defeat, just like he did after the tie obtained in Belarus, thus avoiding the public opinion’s reactions, he answered: “I am not avoiding anything. Everyone has the right to vacation! I am working every day, my Saturdays and Sundays have not been free, unlike in the case of others (…) Why should I give explanations? That’s what I wanted to do! It’s my life, I do what I want! From a professional standpoint it was time for me to stay behind in order to see these two teams at work (…) Luxembourg checked Belarus, a team that is obviously on the upswing. If I hadn’t stayed in France I would have attended the Italy vs. Serbia game, so I wouldn’t have returned to the country.”

“How am I guilty for what happened until now? When you know you’re working, how could you be embarrassed? Refereeing mistakes have been done at our expense in every game. We don’t have a huge force that would have allowed us to shake off such mistakes made against us. If that goal hadn’t been scored the game would have ended 0-0. That is how it would have ended,” Lucescu stated.

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