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February 4, 2023

Report sparks row between MAI and NGOs

Officials with Administration and Interior Ministry (MAI) say the Romanian Centre for European Policies (CRPE) had not taken into consideration the ‘general context’ for the preparation of the report ‘Ready for Schengen? Lenient graduation’, released on Monday, the conclusion of which was that ‘if the pass mark is 10, Romania, marked with a 9 by the authors of the report – would fail the Schengen exam’. In a statement released yesterday, MAI notes that, ‘so far, six of the seven evaluation visits have been successfully covered’ and that the data used in the CRPE report on the country’s preparedness for joining the border-free area are used incompletely, selectively, with elements taken out from their respective contexts. CRPE replied to that yesterday, pointing out that the ministry is annoyed by the fact that it does not enjoy the propaganda it would like to have.

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