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August 8, 2022

Famous crime boss apprehended in Constanta

Two policemen were also arrested in this case of embezzlement and blackmail.

The prosecutors under the authority of the High Court of Cassation and Justice apprehended seven people, including the deputy chief of the Neptun Police Department, Cristinel Nitoi, in the Nuredin clan case, and will call on the Bucharest Court of Appeal to have them committed to a 29 days’ arrest, on counts that include blackmail, tax dodge and embezzlement. The individuals held in custody are brothers Beinur and Erchin Nuredin, charged with blackmail, instigation to blackmail, outrage against morality, disturbance of public order, tax evasion and embezzlement, judicial police officer Cristinel Nitoi, for abuse in office against the public interest and assisting a criminal, as well as Mihai Nelu Balaban, Mannix Padure, Constantin Pop Ovidiu, Valentin Popa.

Since 1999, Erchin and Beinur Nuredin, alongside people in their entourage, had collected protection taxes from various businessmen, promising, instead, the latter they will be able to run their seaside businesses undisturbed. The protection taxes amounted to several hundred euros annually. If the injured parties turned to the police and filed criminal complaints, the defendants, assisted by the deputy chief of the Neptun Police Dept., Cristinel Nitoi, managed to stall the investigations and to hush up the matter, securing rulings against their deferral to justice.

Police officer Cristinel Nitoi provided direct and indirect assistance to the members of the Nuredin clan, contributing, by his actions, to the pressure exercised on the injured parties. In order to apply their nefarious plans, the clan members would resort, more often than not, to death threats addressed to the injured parties or to the latter’s close of kin, both directly and by phone messages, as well as to the destruction of goods, so as to intimidate them.

Thus, Marian Mocea, a former associate of Beinur in several ventures, granted the Nuredin brothers, free of charge, the cession of a portion of land (on which several shopping centres, in which Mocea was the majority shareholder, were placed), a cession which was, in fact, a protection tax (estimated at EUR 15,000/ year). The moment that Marian Mocea tried to obtain his legal rights in court or with the help of the police, the Nuredin brothers resorted to extreme measures, consisting in a forced entry on the injured party’s land.

On Tuesday morning, prosecutors and police agents, technically assisted by Romanian Intelligence Service officers, conducted 19 house searches in Constanta, Mangalia, Ilfov, Bucharest and Sibiu. Sixteen people were taken in for hearings.

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