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June 23, 2021

Hagi attacks Lucescu: “If Razvan believes he has no one to work with, he should leave!”

Gheorghe Hagi attacked, in an unprecedented outburst, the national team’s current head coach for the repeated criticism he brought to Romanian football after the failure in Paris. The greatest Romanian player of all times could no longer accept Lucescu’s complaints and set things straight, ‘Adevarul’ daily informs.
Gica Hagi “lashed out” on GSP TV after the national team’s head coach tried to justify the poor results by thrashing Romanian football. “I was disappointed to hear Razvan talking like this. Saying we are psychically frail, that the national championship has no value, that we are not good. Well, I believe our national team did accomplish something; things are not like he says. I’m sorry to see this negativistic current. I don’t understand the origin of this impression that we are not good at sports. I look back and I see people we boast with. Razvan shouldn’t forget that his father is a Romanian, that Ilie Nastase is a Romanian and that Romanians in general excel in some domains. I can’t stand him saying we are part of the third world,” Hagi said.

Then “The King” subtly told Razvan that he should step down. “If you always keep saying you have no one to work with, why are you staying? I keep hearing we have no performances. What does that mean? I’ve played at the national team for 20 years and we’ve been to World Cups and European Championships. We were the first Eastern European nation to win the Champions Cup,” Hagi reminded Lucescu.

“The King” also analyzed the national team’s potential. “Over 50 players have been called-up in recent years so we have a selection pool. We have homogeneity and experience. I felt offended when I heard that Razvan stated that we didn’t have any great performance. Romania was 3rd in the world and is now 46th! That is what bothers me, it is unacceptable. What are we going to do next in order to get back at the top? You can’t be a champion unless you feel you can do this.”

Answering the charges, Ra­zvan Lucescu said: “Hagi either misunderstood my statements or he simply wants to attack me. Anyway, Hagi is considered our greatest player.”

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