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May 18, 2021

Only 4 pc of Romanians believe Boc Gov’t should stay in power

According to an Avangarde poll, quoted by Jurnalul National on Friday, run during September 18-30, 45 per cent of Romanians do not know who should rule Romania in the following period. 21 per cent state that a PSD-PNL alliance should rule the country, 15 per cent state that a government of technocrats should do that, 9 per cent state that somebody else should do it and 4 per cent say the current coalition should stay in power. In what concerns the parties’ leaderships, 12 per cent state that PDL should be led by Vasile Blaga (the highest percentage of those that expressed an option), 33 per cent state that Victor Ponta is more competent than Mircea Geoana as a PSD leader, and 27 per cent state that current PNL leader Crin Antonescu is more competent than Calin Popescu Tariceanu. When it comes to confidence in politicians, Traian Basescu has a record-low result. 59 per cent of the respondents have stated that they have no confidence at all in the Head of State, 15 per cent have very little confidence and 17 per cent have little confidence. In what concerns Crin Antonescu, 74 per cent of Romanian state they have little, very little and no confidence at all, while 80 per cent stated the same about Victor Ponta. When it comes to confidence in institutions, the parties, Parliament and government fare the worst. 96 per cent of Romanians have little, very little or no confidence at all in parties, while 95 per cent of respondents stated the same about Parliament. Romanians have confidence in the education system (35 per cent high confidence), army (36 per cent high confidence) and Church (35 per cent high confidence). 60 per cent of Romanians believe the trade unions should go on general strike, while 29 per cent of Romanians do not believe that would be a solution.

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