National art in Montreux Francophonie Village

Romania promotes its Latin heritage, its architecture, potential for tourism and its archaic culture, under the slogan “La Roumanie et sa richesse culturelle: un pays, d’inombrables perspectives”, at the Francophonie Village, a manifestation which is part of the Montreux Francophony Summit, which is taking place this week.
For eight days, between October 17 and 24, Romania’s stand in the Montreux Francophonie Village will host presentations of Romanian traditions, tourist attractions, our Latin heritage, as well as our cultural and education affinities to the Francophone space.

The visitors of the stand will be able to watch documentaries on archaic and contemporary Romania and will receive promotional materials. The visitors will have a chance to meet representatives of the artistic and literary life from the midst of the Romanian community in Switzerland. Thus, according to the theme of each day, guests include visual artist Livia Balu, Romanian-born writer Marius Daniel Popescu, sculptor Andreea Bove, painter Anca Seel, journalist Miruna Coca-Cosma and painter Legendina.

The programme of manifestations features, on the evenings of October 17 and 24, concerts offered on the Francophony Village stage by Romanian artists Natalia Pavalachi-Tiscic and Mioara Todosin, two prestigious Romanian-born singers, living in Switzerland, and by jazzman AG Weinberger.

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