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April 15, 2021

Romanians, subjected to constant harassment at work

Half of the Romanians are experiencing stress at work. This is the conclusion of recent statistics. 41 per cent of the employees witness, on a daily basis, scenes in which the boss or colleagues are shouting at each other at the workplace. Out of these, 8 per cent are affected by the mobbing phenomenon. A new concept, which goes, however, a long way back in Romanian society, the specialists warn, defining the term “mobbing” – systematic harassment at the workplace. The consequences should not be overlooked. The impossibility to respond to such attacks, which go on for more than six months, leads to depression, insomnia, lower self-esteem, the loss of work efficiency or acute stress. A sociological study, conducted by the Research Institute for the Quality of Life and presented during a conference organized by the Colfasa Association, indicates that work-related stress is generated, most often, by working overtime. The study was made as part of the project “Women matter!”, and one of the objects of the program is setting up centres which employees may turn to, to solve their problems. At EU level, 9 per cent of employees, that is, 12 million people, stated they had been subjected to moral harassment at work.

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