Moldovan communists criticize Basescu in EU letter

The communists in R. of Moldova published a letter in which they take president Traian Basescu to task for statements in which he voiced his support of the Alliance for European Integration (AIE). The Communist Party in Mol­dova (PCRM) published, on Tuesday, on their official website, “an address” to the European Commission, the EU Delegation in Moldova, the EU’s Spe­cial Envoy and the ambassadors of all member states. PCRM denounces “the direct and close involvement of the higher echelons of an EU member state in the electoral process in R. of Mol­dova”. “We call attention to the fact that the President of Romania stated publicly and openly, in a TV interview that Romania backs, in the early parliamentary elections, the Allian­ce for European Integration, represented by the parties led by Ghimpu, Lupu, Filat and Ure­chean”, is stated in the Mol­dovan communists’ “address”. The letter added that president Basescu made this statement “immediately after the Foreign Ministry’s official website published information related to the Roma­nian state’s funding, for several years, publications and other media in Mol­dova, well-known for their political lea­nings and, implicitly, their informational policies”.

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