Medical premiere: Patient suffers two transplants

A man who suffered, several years ago, a heart transplant was operated upon, on Wednesday, by a team of surgeons in Cluj, led by professor Mihai Lucan, who replaced one of the patient’s kidneys with one taken from the latter’s mother, “Romania libera” reports.

Lucan explained, on the occasion of the surgical intervention, that the operation is a national premiere, as this is the first time a kidney transplant has been performed upon a patient who also suffered a heart transplant. “Traditionally, when we started out as doctors, it was believed that it was highly unadvisable to perform two transplants on the same patient. It was also believed that severe heart failure was a hindrance to a kidney transplant. It is not so,” the professor started. He added that, in general, the patients who undergo a transplant are prone to kidney failure owing to the immunosuppressive medication they receive.

The man operated upon by the medical team in Cluj is 41 and received a kidney from his mother, who is 65. Kovacs Janos is from Covasna, has a wood carving business and is the father of two. He was kept alive for almost one year with the help of dialysis and his most fervent desire was to get his freedom back, that is, to become independent from this procedure. “Instead of undergoing dialysis, I will go fishing, once I recover, after the surgery,” the man said.

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