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December 2, 2022

MEP Tokes challenges Babes-Bolyai University title for Merkel

In a letter addressed to ‘Adevarul’, written in German, the deputy speaker of the EP, Tokes Laszlo, criticizes the granting of the Doctor Honoris Causa title to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel by the Babes Bolyai University in Cluj, earlier this month.

“The University in Cluj – which dates back to the 16th century – bore, initially, the name of the renowned Hungarian mathematician Bolyai Janos. In 1959, however, an ever more aggressive Romanian nationalist-communist dictatorship dissolved it abusively, that is to say, merged it with the more recent “Victor Babes” Romanian university and then, turned it Romanian. Since 1989 we’ve been trying in vain to get our University back, to obtain the legislative right to pursue higher education in Hungarian. The Romanian University which has been called Babes-Bolyai for 50 years now holds illegal ownership of most of the assets of the Bolyai University, namely, movable assets, the unique library and scientific collections,” Tokes writes.

The deputy president further argues that UBB’s claims to being a “multicultural” university are not borne out by the reality. The superficial concessions to multiculturalism made by Romanian politicians were only meant to show an appealing front to Europe, while minority education continued to be discriminated against in the spirit of majority nationalism, Tokes adds.

“I am writing this lest Mrs. Angela Merkel should fall in the trap of official manipulation, lest she may be used, despite herself, to legitimize the majority’s discriminatory educational policy,” Tokes concludes.

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