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December 8, 2021

Tariceanu: Vintu transcripts are political blackmail

Former PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu told a press conference yesterday that intelligence service heads should be questioned by Parliament’s committees regarding a transcript leak in Vintu case.

“A special panel within Parliament should conclude whether the leak came from the intelligence services or the prosecutor’s office,” Tariceanu said, adding that a thorough investigation must be made in the case, to see who orders transcripts and interceptions that are not allegedly relevant to the actual investigation.
“We wonder what really happens in Romania with this Big Brother type of Justice. Human rights are hardly observed here, as we can see in this recording of Vintu’s talk with journalists, a conversation that has nothing to do with the case he is being probed in.” Tariceanu says in his opinion, the intercepts were made not for this particular case but in order to “identify people’s enemies, those who can challenge the ” “I cannot help but wonder why in all these three years, while Vintu was supportive of Basescu’s leadership, this did not happen? The transcripts appeared only when Vintu started a fight against the head of state. Was he (Vintu- e.n) less guilty then of what happened with the FNI money?” Tariceanu added.

“These intelligence services are being used as instruments of power in a country that is quickly sliding into dictatorship,” Tari­ceanu said. The Liberal leader also said the reason why the transcripts were published was revealed by Tourism Minister Elena Udrea: blocking any possible plan to oust the government or impeach the head of state. Commenting on his statement, Udrea said later yesterday that Tariceanu, an “accomplice” in the 2007 impeachment plan, feels threatened by these transcripts.

The media published on Monday several recordings of conversations businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vintu had prior and after the 2009 elections with the heads of the Realitatea Media trust as well as with Mircea Geoana and other political figures.

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