Vlas released from jail

Ioana Maria Vlas, the former administrator of SOV Invest, left, on Wednesday night, the Targusor Prison, after Prahova Court judges rejected prosecutors’ appeal to the same Court’s decision to release her. On leaving the prison, Vlas stated she had not expected such a decision, Agerpres reports. Referring to the case for which she did time, Vlas stated she hoped “it (e.n. the FNI-FNA case) would not be closed”. “I hope the culprits will pay, the money will be recovered and then I can die in peace. (…) I’m guilty of lying. I had to lie. If I hadn’t lied, it would have crumbled earlier. I wouldn’t have wanted to get off without paying for my actions,” Vlas underlined. When asked who would reimburse those who lost their savings in the National Investment Fund, Vlas turned her gaze upwards, implying it was up to God to do that, and added: “They can’t get anything off me … If they can’t get it from the right person …”. She referred once again to Sorin Ovidiu Vintu, reiterating that the businessman was the main culprit for the collapse of FNI-FNA, and argued she did not believe the case would be reopened, Realita­ informs. Vlas was sentenced to ten years in prison in the FNI and FNA case, a sentence out of which she served almost seven years.

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