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May 17, 2022

FM Baconschi sees himself presidential runner-up in 2014

Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi stated in an interview for HotNews that he sees himself a Presidential candidate in 2014, pointing out however that he cannot anticipate PDL’s decision in this sense. Asked whether he sees himself as a candidate, considering that although there still is time left until 2014 any candidate has to prepare early on and that the Head of State sees the Foreign Minister as a Presidential candidate, Baconschi answered: “Yes. I don’t believe I can anticipate my own party’s decision nor do I think this is the moment to do it, but I don’t believe that if destiny takes me there I would be worse than any other candidate. On the contrary.” In the interview Baconschi also states that “it would be good for the party’s president not to be Prime Minister too.” President Traian Basescu stated last Sunday on ProTV that he rules out the chances of a woman to run in the Presidential race or in the race for PDL’s top position, citing Teodor Baconschi, Cristian Preda, Liviu Negoita and Vasile Blaga as possible candidates.

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