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September 24, 2021

Adrian Mutu: ‘I hit him because he threatened to kill me!’

Footballer’s first victim, a Romanian waiter, missing without a trace.

Adrian Mutu is back into the limelight after he has recently committed an alleged assault on a Florence bar waiter. The Romanian football player said, via one of his solicitors, d’Avirro Ducci, quoted by the ‘Click’ newspaper, that the man had threatened to kill him, so he had to defend himself. ‘The waiter threatened me that I was to share the fate of the Romanian lady killed in Rome’ (32-year-old nurse Maricica Hahaianu who died after being punched at a Rome underground station by 20-year-old Italian Alessio Burtone on October 8 – our note), was Mutu’s explanation to those who might have though he had hit the waiter without a reason. Manager Anamaria Prodan, one of the Brilliant’s best friends, corroborates his account of the facts, claiming he had been purposefully provoked. The Romanian player is also being defended by his coach, Sinisa Mihajlovici, who nevertheless warns him that he is not going to get away unpunished.

On Sunday, the waiter was discharged from the clinic where he had been hospitalised.

The striker is not on his first such incident. While undergoing training alongside the rest of the national football team in Constanta, four years ago, he was involved in a similar story. A waiter working at a Mamaia summer resort restaurant, Gigi Grosu, accused Adrian Mutu of having beaten him with a lever. Although it remained on the front pages for quite a while, the story eventually ‘died out’ without ever being determined if it was genuine or not. The certain thing is that, four years later, Gigi Grosu seems to have vanished into thin air, with former co-workers, friends and even enemies knowing absolutely nothing about his whereabouts, according to ‘Adevarul’ daily.

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