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July 31, 2021

PSD claims three more votes needed to oust Boc cabinet

Troubled waters in the opposition on eve of no-confidence vote, as PSD and PNL are acting on separate fronts to draw support, while the representatives of the ruling coalition will not attend the vote.

PSD leader, Victor Ponta yesterday appealed to ruling power lawmakers to back up the no-confidence vote, as the Opposition needs three more votes to oust the cabinet, Realitatea TV said. According to arithmetic figures, this means that Social Democrats and Liberals have convinced so far 22 ruling power’s representatives to vote in favour of the motion. Surprisingly, yesterday the vice-president of the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR), Liviu Campanu, announced his resignation from the party and his support for the no-confidence vote.

However, not all PSD members are optimistic. Senate Speaker, Mircea Geoana said he is reserved about the chances to topple Boc cabinet today. Liberals also pointed there are hopes to draw votes from some discontented members of PDL which are meaning to switch allegiance to PNL. According to sources in both parties, quoted by “Evenimentul Zilei”, Liberals are currently in negotiations with four PDL Ilfov MPs. For the time being, Liberals can only rely on one vote in the motion, that of the Deputy Mihaela Sandru.

Yet, one day before the no-confidence vote, its fate seems sealed, given that the representatives of the PDL, the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR), the independents’ group, as well as those of national minorities, announced they would not attend the vote, and Social-Democrats and Liberals are unable to reach a common denominator on the alternative prime-minister, or on the best strategy to draw as many votes as possible. While the Liberals proposed, yet again, Klaus Johannis as prime-minister, to ensure an equal footing in the event that the motion is passed and a crisis government is formed, Social-Democrats insist that the head of the Cabinet should be nominated after Boc’s potential overthrow. After Monday’s round of negotiations between PSD and PNL, Liberal leader Crin Antonescu stated that Social-Democrats refused to discuss the nomination of a potential prime-minister or the make-up of an alternative Cabinet. Furthermore, PNL reiterated its dissatisfaction with PSD’s delay in filing the no-confidence motion, arguing they’ve missed the most favourable moment.

In response, Ponta accused, between the lines, the Liberals of failing to get involved in negotiations for the motion. The honorary president of PSD Ion Iliescu also replied to Antonescu’s critical remarks on procrastinations in filing the motion, stating that Liberals should stop criticizing the Social-Democrats if they wish to maintain an effective collaboration.

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