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March 29, 2023

Ponta: Gendarmes were told to prepare for coup

Meanwhile, commenting on the high-alert level declared by the Interior Ministry in the capital, Ponta said he had information that gendarmes were warned that a coup would take place. “They were given ammunition. I call on them to understand that they mustn’t do what Basescu tells them,” he added. Ponta also said that he had this information from gendarmes. “Their salaries were cut too, they were made fun of and last evening, the interior minister told them there would be a coup today. Look how many gendarmes are here. To do what? To fight against the Romanian people? They are part of the Romanian people,” the PSD leader said. Gendarmerie spokes­person Ma­rius Militaru rejected the accusations, saying that gendarmes do not have fire arms on them and that setting a high alert level for events that are expected to bring together so many people is absolutely natural. Interior Minister Igas said Ponta was lying.

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