Liberals call for debate on national security law

The Liberal MPs Teodor Melescanu, Cristian David and George Scutaru sent, on Thursday, a letter to the chair of the joint special committee entrusted with drafting the national security laws package, Cezar Preda, calling for the emergency convening of the committee, so they can start debating the said laws.

The three MPs, also members in the committee, claim, in the letter, that, although it’s been more than one year since the body was founded, no progress has been made towards adopting the laws. According to the Liberals, if the national security laws package is not completed in maximum six months, there is a risk that the laws may no longer be adopted during the Parliament’s remaining term. Therefore, Liberals call for the committee to convene and – “as a starting point” – initiate a debate on the national security laws package proposed by the National Liberal Party in 2007. “Although the defence system, public order and national security bodies reiterated the need to adopt adequate laws, to meet present challenges, and the civil society underlined the outdated character of legislation in this sector, the work conducted so far by the special committee you are chairing leads us to think the Parliament will be unable to vote, anytime soon, new bills related to National Security. (…) We believe that initiating actual debates in the committee would be a token of our commitment and determination in achieving the mission we were entrusted with by the Parliament’s assembly,’ the signatories of the letter conclude.

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