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January 24, 2022

MP claims gov’t offered bribe for votes against motion

Senator Liviu Campanu, former UNPR (National Union for Romania’s Progress) leader on Friday told a press conference that both PM Boc and Education Minister Funeriu have tried to buy his vote against the no confidence motion by offering several public positions. “I was contacted by an intermediary, someone who is not part of the political life, speaking for Mr. Funeriu, and he offered the chief-inspector position in Botosani Inspectorate to me or to someone of my choosing.” Campanu also claimed the Premier himself had clearly expressed an intention to offer UNPR Botosani the position of county prefect, in exchange for a negative motion vote. “I have heard the premier offer that position on the phone, to another party member sitting close to me,” Campanu claimed.

The senator told media on Tuesday, just hours before the no confidence vote in parliament that he has decided to leave the union and remain independent MP, adding he would only be voting for the motion because he is against the government.

The next day, after the vote, he was excluded from the party.

Premier Boc responded Campanu’s allegation through spokesperson. According to Ioana Muntean, Government’s spokeswoman, the PM did not attempt in any way to peddle with UNPR votes. “The Premier did not promise a prefect job to Mr. Liviu Campanu as he hasn’t attempted to influence any MP’s vote option. These are all unproven statements,” Muntean told Mediafax.

In his turn, Minister of Education Daniel Funeriu denied any involvement in the matter.

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