Schoolteacher Cristina Anghel drops hunger strike

The schoolteacher, who has been on hunger strike for 68 days, has decided to put an end to her protest today. The Harghita and Covasna Archbishop Ioan Selejan managed to persuade the teacher to drop the hunger strike, given that she was faced with several health problems in the past week.

She admits she launched a warning which has gone unheard so far, but adds she will continue her attempt to raise awareness. “By this extreme form of protest I have failed to draw either prime-minister Boc’s or the president’s attention. Nonetheless, they have lost the respect of the people, they have lost the love, they have lost the candles Romanians used to light for their health in church on Sunday. They’ve lost a lot. They seem to have won a battle, but they haven’t. They would have won if I had died,” Cristina Anghel stated, in Realitatea TV. The schoolteacher further stated that Romanians should understand, from her protest, that one cannot live without dignity. “They should understand, also, that, if need be, I’ll start all over again. I hope I will manage to draw around me, in the future, people, not parties, not trade unions. People that wish to do something to help their fellow-beings,” she added.The teacher Cristina Anghel went on hunger strike in protest against the failure to apply the law by which the teachers’ wages were to be raised by 50 pc. She embarked on her hunger strike at home and was, then, admitted to the National Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Disease Institute in the Capital after her condition started to deteriorate.

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