Ponta: There’s no way to reconcile with PDL

On his personal blog, yesterday, the president of the Social-Democrat Party (PSD), Victor Ponta, expressed the view that there could be no reconciliation between Social-Democrats and Democrat-Liberals, at least as long as he is the party’s leader, and that from “many concrete reasons adding to which is, fundamentally and unlike the Liberals, the ideological argument, which is extremely important to many of us.” Ponta was disappointed the non-confidence vote on October 27 failed to pass and announced that now, he is “even more resolute not to take a step back.” Also on his blog posting, Victor Ponta holds PSD needs to make “an offer both clear and frank to PNL “so that there will no longer be an excuse such as that in December 2008 that things have not been clear.” “If, eventually, Liberals will stay in a relationship with us, or they will opt to reconcile with PDL, acting on the illusion of a Basescu-spot-clean PDL – the decision is theirs,” Ponta said.

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