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December 4, 2021

Algeria marks Revolution anniversary

by H.E. M. Habib Chawky HAMRAOUI, Ambassador of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

Algeria is very proud of its Arab and Islamic belonging, of its Tamazight roots and its African and Mediterranean commitment; it does not go back to this anniversary to put the light again on its glorious achievements but to prove again how faithful is Algeria to uphold the human values and people’s eager to live in dignity and equality in the arms of freedom and well-being.

It is obvious that the colonialism is closely related to Nazism, Fascism, Zionism and Apartheid; we here stand with full respect being so grateful to those who sacrificed themselves, whether in Algeria or in other colonies, to eradicate the practices of colonialism, Nazism, Fascism, Zionism and Apartheid. We also need to mention those free honorable citizens and militants from colonizing countries who defended their nations against their colonial regimes and advocated the right of colonized people to self-determination and their right to live in total dignity.

Yes, supporters of good, peace, equality and justice always meet those who uphold the same values even though they might be located in different poles and places around the world.

If Algeria relied on itself and on the support of its allies over the world in the liberation of its territory, it has triumphed over terrorism relying only on itself; after what it successfully led to concord then the phase of national reconciliation under the presidency of His Excellency Mr. ABDEL-AZIZ BOUTEFLIKA, one of the symbols of the victorious revolution of November who brought back Algeria to development by allocating in his program hundreds of billions of dollars since 1999, his latest plan 2010-2014 is nearly 300 billion dollars allocated to structures, infrastructures, services, education, health, agriculture, water system, youth, modern technology and scientific research.

This makes us say that Algeria is reconciled with itself and with the values of work and construction; it intensified its relation with its brother and friend countries in the world and is always seeking to international relationships with more justice and equality; more aware to face the challenges that the world witnesses today and tomorrow in fighting terrorism and starvation and epidemic and acting in the interest of environment and modern technologies.

It is essential to remind that Algeria who held in the past few years the Capital of Arab Culture and the African Youth festivals, in addition to numerous world intellectual events about civilizations, economy and international relations, is holding in 2011 the Capital of Islamic Culture event in its city Tlemcen. This proves again its efforts in the interest of dialogue between civilizations, cultures and religions allowing further horizons, a happier life and more safety to the people who will lead the new generations to reconcile humanity with creation and invention which builds up a noble civilization, a civilization of dialogue and stability, not of friction and destruction.

This is Algeria, authentic and loyal that I am representing as Ambassador in an ancestral and friend country: Romania. It is also this Algeria through which I express my wishes to all the African countries who celebrated this year their fiftieth independence anniversary, it is also the same Algeria that I represent expressing my best wish, the one of any Algerian diplomat, to be appointed in Jerusalem, the capital of the independent Palestinian State on a day when the right and liberty will triumph in the whole world.

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