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December 1, 2020

Romania’s economy less vulnerable than Hungary’s

A ranking by Credit Agricole – Corporate and Investment Banking (CA – CIB) shows Romania’s economy being one of the most vulnerable in the world, third-most-vulnerable actually, after that of Hungary and the Czech Republic respectively. The countdown continues with Poland, Vietnam and Ukraine in the next slots, according to a vulnerability index calculated by CA – CIB experts for 28 countries from Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Turkey, ranking 8th, is placed somewhat better than Romania. Surprisingly enough, South Africa comes between Ukraine and Turkey in the standings. China’s economy is rated as among the least vulnerable worldwide, despite its heavy reliance on exports and the relatively low consumer demand. Kazakhstan, an increasingly important trade partner of Romania, ranks 12 in the chart of countries with the most vulnerable economies, and Saudi Arabia ranks bottom in the CA – CIB ranking.

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