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May 18, 2021

Teodor Baconschi undecided over party president bid

Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Baconschi claims he has not decided yet what position he will run for in the next congress of the Democratic Liberal Party, but he believes he will be on a list of Democrat-Liberal leaders. “I have not decided yet (about a position in PDL), but (…) I believe I can find a place on a list of old and new leaders. Though it might be an amusing show for the press, we should not show the outside world the image of a divided and shattered party,” Baconschi stated on B1TV. The head of the Romanian diplomacy, who joined PDL at the end of September this year, said he already talked to many fellow Democrat-Liberals, who share his feeling about renewal being a maturity test for any political entity. “I think we can organically – without fractures – enter a new stage in the life of this party, because I would like to see PDL becoming the main centre-right force that will modernize the state and carry out the state reform agenda,” Baconschi pointed out. According to the top diplomat, the middle class will be best represented by a reformed PDL, with new faces.

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