King Mihai I, summoned in paternity suit

King Mihai I, aged 89, was summoned to appear on April 20, 2011 before District 1 Court, to make an official statement in a potential paternity suit, “National” reports.

Dieter Stanzeleit, a German citizen, aged 71, who claims to be the son of King Mihai and of a blue blood Englishwoman, Nerissa Bowes Lyon, turned to a German court who calls on the Romanian authorities to summon Mihai I in the matter. The German court also required, supposedly, that the king should provide a sample of saliva for a DNA test.

On his website, the German citizen argues he has two names, Dieter Stanzeleit or Nicolae Vasile of Alba Iulia, Crown Prince of Romania. “My father, Mihai, was in love with my mother, Nerissa, and they were even married in 1939. They lived five years together, but, towards the end of World War II, my mother and I were deported to Germany. My mother was killed, because she was considered a spy, and I was adopted by the Stanzeleit family,” Stanzeleit recounted, for the aforementioned source.

In response, the Royal Family’s legal representative, Adrian Vasiliu, stated that the suit filed by Stanzeleit goes further back. “I do not wish to make any comments before I see the documents. The king cannot be forced to provide a DNA sample. There is a potential paternity suit in Germany against the king. I do not know to what extent they can produce witnesses to testify against him, but that is another matter,” Vasiliu stated, quoted by Realitatea TV.

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