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October 23, 2021

FM: Several states sceptical about Romania’s Schengen accession

Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi stated on Friday during a press conference in Timisoara that several states are “sceptical” in what concerns Romania’s Schengen accession, states that he is trying to convince otherwise, however he believes the accession will take place on the established date. Baconschi stated that the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s representatives are trying to convince several skeptical states that the link between the Schengen Area and the Mechanism for Cooperation and Verification is “artificial.”
“We have several sceptical states; we will convince them that the link between the Schengen Area and the MCV is artificial, that the justice system reform has evolved considerably through the adoption of the four new Codes (…) so I’m optimistic. We are staking on the idea that we are still within the established timetable. We will have to resort to more diplomatic overtures, not just the Foreign Ministry but the Justice and Internal Affairs Ministries too should talk with all member states that have expressed doubts concerning our capacity to properly secure Europe’s border, from the German Bundestag to the Dutch Parliament,” Baconschi said. Asked by the journalists why he has not paid a visit to The Netherlands until now, The Netherlands being one of the “sceptical” states, Baconschi replied: “They haven’t had a clear government until now. The new government has taken office. We are preparing a visit and I believe my colleague Minister Catalin Predoiu (Justice Minister – editor’s note) will go there very soon.” Asked whether he will resign in case Romania will not become a member of the Schengen Area, Baconschi stated: “Why do you believe we’re not going to enter the Schengen Area since I’ve told you moments ago some of the things we’re doing in order to enter the Schengen Area?”

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