Poland finishes world’s largest Jesus statue

A huge statue of Jesus Christ was erected Saturday in a small Polish town, marking the end of a five-year project led by the local priest that has divided opinion throughout the country, reported. The statue in Swiebodzin, west of Poznan, stands on a 15.86-metre-high mound. It is 35.97m tall, topped by a 3.4m-tall crown of thorns, has an armspan of 24.07m, and weighs 362.87 tonnes. Its creators claim it is marginally taller than the current record holder for a statue of Jesus, Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer, which is 39.01m high. “The statue will be a total of 58 meters high from the base,” said Jan Zawadzki, the project’s foreman and brother of the priest.

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