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September 25, 2022

First registration tax may be hiked in 2011

The Environment Ministry proposes a hiking of the first registry tax, to be applied as of next year, according to the minister Laszlo Borbely, quoted by Mediafax. “We will be entering a new era as of January 1, only cars with Euro 5 engines will be manufactured from that date. That is why the Environment Ministry proposes that, as of 2011, we should have a moderate tax on Euro 5 also,” Borbely stated, yesterday, in a press conference. The minister added that the institution under his command is keen to support electrical or hybrid cars-manufacturers and buyers and, therefore, these will only be taxed on registration.

On the other hand, the Ministry decided that the term of validity for vouchers issued in the “Rabla 2010” program should be extended until January 31, 2011, given that, initially, the term was set to end on November 23, and, on the market, there are at present almost 31,000 vouchers which have not been used. At the same time, Borbely announced that, in next year’s edition of the Rabla program, to start on February 1, four instead of three vouchers will be needed to buy a new car, and the value of a voucher will drop from RON 3,800, the 2010 value, to RON 3,000. “I am sure that next year’s edition of the program will be successful also. This year 181,403 cars, out of our 190,000 target, were taken out of use, and 53,554 cars were bought, out of which 23,297 made in Romania,” the minister of Environment added. Moving on to another topic, according to the draft of a resolution of the Bucharest City General Council for 2011, which is now under public debate, the people in Bucharest who own several homes will pay 65 per cent more in taxes for the second home, and 15 per cent more for the third. As regards parking fees, these remain at their 2010 value.

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