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January 25, 2022

This weekend on Bucharest screens

Buckle up and get ready for all sorts of cinematic treats. We recommend you get to see “Medal of Honour” a worthy Romanian production.

Medal of Honour (Romania, 2009)

Director: Peter Catalin Netzer

Cast: Victor Rebengiuc

Venues: Movieplex Cinema Plaza, The Light Cinema, Hollywood Multiplex, Cinema City Cotroceni

This film about an ageing veteran has won a dozen of awards and has been in all festivals of cinema around the globe. Romanian director Calin Peter Netzer again delves into post-Ceausescu woes with an intimate drama telling. When Ion, the character played with subtlety by Victor Rebengiuc tries to find out what the medal is for. Further gently amusing ironies amass as Netzer describes Ion’s everyday world of eccentric neighbours, stifling bureaucracy, dull city surroundings and Romanians’ crusty behaviour toward each other. Then a bureaucratic bombshell is dropped when the honour is found to be a mistake and Ion must once again return to a diminished place in the eyes of others. The whole flavour of the film is bittersweet, and the value of the piece of shiny metal is weighed against what really counts: love, family, friendship. One online critic, commenting the film after the Thes­saloniki Festival said: After seeing it, I’m beginning better to appreciate what kind of world Romanians are emerging from. They probably all deserve a medal.”

Unstoppable (USA 2010)

Director: Tony Scott

Cast: Denzel Washington, Chris Pine

Venues: Movieplex Cinema Plaza, The Light Cinema, Hollywood Multiplex, CinemaPRO, Cinema City Sun Plaza, Cinema City Cotroceni, Cinema City Cotroceni VIP

“Unstoppable” is a movie in a hurry, quickly building a momentum that befits its title and never letting up till the end.

That’s good news for audiences, if bad news for the characters, who are trying to stop an unmanned runaway train hurtling through central Pennsylvania. It weighs a million tons, it’s the length of a skyscraper, and it’s carrying material hazardous enough to wipe out a goodly chunk of any heavily populated area it derails in. Denzel Washington and Chris Pine are the only hope of stopping it as it’s always helpful to have a couple of movie stars on hand. For a film that is all speed, sound, and fury, Tony Scott is the right man for the job; his frenetic style fits well, as the cuts per minute ratchet up along with the miles per hour. The characters are rather flat types but relevant to the current economy: one is a railway veteran forced into retirement; the other is a rookie from a family of means trading in his blue blood for a blue collar. And the only real villain, besides physics, is corporate pride.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (USA 2010)

Director: Edgar Wright

Cast: Michael Cera, Chris Evans, Brandon Routh, Jason Schwartzman

Venues: Movieplex Cinema Plaza, Hollywood Multiplex, Cinema City Sun Plaza, Cinema City Cotroceni

As a film about and for super- nerds, Scott Pilgrim features the very incarnation of the “super-nerd idea”- Michael Cera. Scott Pilgrim is 22 , no longer a teenager and he’s not hopelessly geeky, in spite of his casting; he plays in a band that isn’t very bad, and he acquires two girlfriends in the first few minutes of the film time. Visually, the movie jumps off the screen. Frankly don’t ex­pect much from this predictable-looking teenage romantic comedy, just know Wright’s style gives it an extra kick and keeps it from being too syrupy.

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