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January 26, 2022

Another 10 km of A3 motorway opened six years after works start

The cost of the sector amounts to EUR 90 M, which Becthel may received from MT next spring at the earliest, according to Evenimentul Zilei daily.

A year after the first 42 km had been put into service, PM Emil Boc accompanied by Transport Minister Anca Boagiu on Saturday opened a new, 10-km long sector of the Transylvania Motorway, with the length constructed so far and funded by the state being a little over 10 per cent of the total, six years since the project kicked off. Two other kilometres are the links to the national road connecting Campia Turzii to Targu Mures. The new motorway sector is connected by a junction to the one the one that was inaugurated on December 1, last year, at Turda. A total of 53 km of the A3 motorway are now ready and usable – from Campia Turzii and the Cluj locality of Gilau, 11 km west of Cluj-Napoca. Bechtel statistics show a total of 9,000 vehicles run on that particular portion of A3 every day. As for the continuation of work, the PM said on Saturday he was unable to indicate a direction or a time frame for the following year but promised that all financing options would continue to be analysed. The prime-minister also stated that infrastructure would be among the Government’s major priorities in 2011, because it is an important source of economic growth and creation of new jobs. ‘In agreement with the entire Cabinet, I have decided that the allocations for the Bechtel project would be made according to the available budget, because our zero priority is to raise the EUR 5.6 bln for land and water transport infrastructure’, Transport Minister Anca Boagiu said. According to the information provided by Bechtel, expropriation costs for the segment towards Zalau, that will be then continued to the border (Bors) is of about EUR19.3 bn and for the segment running down to Targu Mures and from there to Brasov of EUR 16.7 bln. The PM covered the 52 km in a Dacia Duster and, at the end of he ride, he said he was happy with the quality of the road. The minister of transport also criticised the foreign construction companies for resorting to the ‘shameful’ practice of challenging the results of infrastructure contract awards in order to be hired as sub-contractors at a later stage. Apart from the two members of the Government, the opening was also attended by US Ambassador Mark Gittenstein, Ambassador of Turkey, Ayse Sinirioglu (Turkish company Enka is engaged in the motorway construction project as part of a joint-venture with Bechtel – our note), as well as Bechtel Romania Manager Mike Swinford.

Nevertheless, the infrastructure continues to be an issue raised by constructors as a barrier difficult to overcome in their relations with the Romanian state. The same debate was launched by central bank Governor Mugur Isarescu, who, on Friday, in Cluj, blamed the authorities for their inability to build a motorway from Nadlac to the Black Sea in spite of that being ‘a European route’.

The Bechtel contract does not include any late delivery penalty charges, yet a secret appendix stipulates interest for ‘late payments’. For example, the interest the state must pay for the 10-km long segment from Turda to Campia Turzii amounts to EUR 4.5 M, Evenimentul zilei daily reports. The total cost of the motorway sector is EUR 90 M, money Bechtel may receive from the Transport Ministry (MT) next spring at the earliest.
two segments of the bucharest ring road


At the proposal of the Ministry of Transport, the European Commission will finance two segments of the Bucharest ring road connecting the Bucharest-Pitesti and the Bucharest-Constanta motorways, the construction of which is expected to cost about EUR 120 M. ‘I have been to Brussels to see if the ends of the ring road qualify for European financing. I have come back with good news, the Commission accepted it. The decision is set to be made within the Monitoring Committee at the end of the month’, Transport Minister Anca Boagiu said during a working visit with PM Emil Boc to the worksite of the Northern Bucharest ring road on Friday. The two segments together measure 20 km in length.

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