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February 3, 2023

Belgium, a solid and privileged partner

H.E. Mr. Bogdan Aurescu, Secretary of State, Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry

“Romania and the Kingdom of Belgium celebrate this year the anniversary of 130 years of diplomatic relations. Our bilateral cooperation has continually developed during the last years therefore today the Kingdom of Belgium is a solid and privileged partner of Romania within the EU.

Our countries share a similar geopolitical and cultural background and we intend to expand our common efforts aimed at promoting prosperity and peace in Europe.

We are grateful for the valuable support granted by the Kingdom of Belgium to Romania during the accession process to the EU, especially the establishment of the Common Action Plan for the years 2004 – 2006. We can further develop our political dialogue and  cooperation in the fields of justice, internal affairs, public administration, defence and assistance for development.

Romania concluded bilateral agreements with the federal entities from the Kingdom of Belgium, namely with Flandra (1997), Valone Region and the French community (1998) and with the Commission of French community from the Bruxelles Region.

The state visit paid by the King Albert II of the Belgians in Romania, in July 2009 had a symbolic value and represented a cornerstone in our bilateral relations. The visit has reaffirmed the active support granted by the Kingdom of Belgium for the European path of Romania and has opened new opportunities for a more enhanced output of our bilateral cooperation within the EU.

A major role in strengthening our bilateral relations is played by the economic exchanges that have reached an extraordinary high level. In June this year, our bilateral exchanges have reached 781 millions Euros and 2.405 companies with Belgian capital were registered in Romania.

The decentralized cooperation is also listed among the most important fields of our bilateral cooperation. Romania and Belgium established a joint Decentralized Cooperation Forum in order to stress the importance of developing the relations at the local community level. Recently, the second edition of the Romanian – Belgian Decentralized Cooperation Forum took place in Arad and this event benefited from the presence of the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

At present, the Belgian Presidency of the EU Council has committed itself in a professional and responsible way to give an impetus to various fields of major interest for Romania, too, such as: EU’s enlargement, promoting the 2020 Europe Strategy, re-launching economic growth and improving economic governance, fighting against poverty, in quite difficult times of economic crisis affecting the lives of all the European citizens.

We are convinced that the most recent events organized in order to celebrate the 130 years of history for the Romanian – Belgian diplomatic relations have revealed to the public opinion of both countries a complex picture of the current realities in Romania and The Belgian Kingdom.

The common membership of Romania and Belgium to the EU will contribute in a decisive manner to the extension and consolidation of our bilateral relations and we are convinced it will lay the basis for the establishment of a political Europe giving the opportunity to each one of its citizens to find and fulfil his or her destiny, as fortunate as possible.”

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