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September 29, 2020

Memory in (Post-)Totalitarianism

Venue: Visual Introspection Centre; Address: 31 Timisoara Blvd.

Running through December 24

The “Memory in (Post-)Totalitarianism” exhibition is a project signed by Austrian artist Martin Krenn. The main focus of the exhibition is a quest for historical and political perspectives in post-totalitarian societies. The project is conceived as a work-in-progress made up of a conglomerate of photographs of historical sites, commemorative monuments, archives and a series of video interviews. An installation, presented via three channels, was set up for the presentation at the Visual Introspection Centre. A multi-faceted collage of images and texts present Krenn’s research work, conducted, so far, in Bucharest and Sighet, in Romania, and Weimar and Buchenwald, in Germany. The second part of the exhibition brings together interviews with survivors Liviu Beris and Oliver Lustig, who recount their experiences during the Holocaust and address historical and political issues in Romania.

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