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October 23, 2021

Alleged Piatra Neamt killer apprehended yesterday at noon

The man who reportedly shot dead Piatra Neamt crime boss Gheorghita Mararu on Sunday was caught by the Police yesterday at noon and taken to the Prosecutor’s Office for questioning. Cristian Chilat (38) did not resist the arrest. The Police had organised road screenings in the Neamt County and in the neighbouring counties looking for the suspect all night long Sunday night. The authorities also issued an APB for Chilat to all border crossing points and distributed photographs of the suspect to the police force and gendarmes.
The alleged Piatra Neamt shooter still had to serve 189 days of an arson sentence, but was released from prison for good conduct by the Vaslui Courthouse. Chilat first went to prison for burning down a car belonging to this Sunday victim. When he was taken from his home two years ago, he was found to be sleeping with a gun under his pillow, also having several guns hidden all over the house, but was not convicted for illegal possession of weapons.

The murder happened in a Piatra Neamt coffee shop at noon on Sunday. Gheorghita Mararu (32), his girlfriend and his brother Bogdan (36) were sitting at a table in a café. At some stage, Cristian Chilat walked into the room, took out his gun, shot Gheorghita Mararu four times and his brother twice and then ran off. The incident was caught on tape by the video surveillance system both inside and outside the cafe. Gheorghita Mararu sustained four gunshot wounds – three in the heart area and one in the abdomen. The paramedics found him with two litres of blood in his thorax cavity and in heart arrest. The medics tried mechanical resuscitation and adrenaline shots to no avail. The other victim was shot twice in the abdomen and was taken to hospital where the doctors realised that his organs had not been touched. After being discharged from hospital, Bogdan Mararu announced his family had put a EUR 1 M ransom on the killer’s head.

The Neamt County Tribunal Prosecutor’s Office commenced an investigation for murder, attempted murder and violation of the regime of weapons and ammunition.

The head of the Public Order and Safety Department, Police Chief-Quaestor Dan Valentin Fatuloiu went to Piatra Neamt yesterday and proposed to Interior Minister Traian Igas to dismiss the head of the Neamt Police, Chief-Commissar Aurelian Vasile Soric for faulty management following the Sunday killing.

Fatuloiu told the press he might dismiss other people in leading positions at the Neamt County Police and in other counties as well. Regarding what happened on Sunday, Fatuloiu said he would take the matter before CSM because the suspect had been released on parole although he should have been kept under judicial supervision.

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