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January 28, 2022

Iliescu: Basescu hasn’t learned what a president is supposed to do

The former head of state Ion Iliescu claims, in a posting on his blog, that after almost six years in office, Traian Basescu still hasn’t learned what a president is supposed to do in the Romanian constitutional system. “Lately, Mr. Traian Basescu has had a number of public outbursts, one more shocking than the other. Nevertheless, his statement in reference to the Constitutional Court, which he described as ‘lame’, is not only shocking, but, indeed, ‘lame’!” Ion Iliescu writes. “When it suited him, he defended the Constitutional Court; when it doesn’t suit him, he has no qualms about offending it. Although, as many commentators point out, the Court’s make-up changed lately, so that it comprises now exclusively people appointed by Cotroceni and the Democratic Liberal Party,” Ion Iliescu adds. In the former president’s opinion, not only is such a statement unacceptable coming from the head of state – the first who should defend the state institutions -, but it is liable to set a dangerous precedent, as others before it, when the president Basescu attacked the Parliament, the judiciary, the magistrates, the teachers. “Lately, Traian Basescu has declared war to everyone! Is this the constitutional function of a president? Not even now, after almost six years in office, has Mr. Traian Basescu managed to learn what his function is as a president in our constitutional system! He has harboured a grudge against those who suspended him in 2007, instead of learning something out of that lesson!” Ion Iliescu argues.

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