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February 4, 2023

Sorin Oancea tipped to join B1 TV, Radu Morar, RCS&RDS

According to the website Reporter Virtual, Sorin Oancea is going to quit his post as Grivco Group vice-president and become the head of Bobby Paunescu-owned B1 TV, and Radu Moraru will take over the post of general manager at the upcoming television station RCS&RDS.

In its turn, Pagina de Media news blog page announced that Sorin Oancea has already resigned all the executive position held at the Intact Trust and will be Bobby Paunescu’s new associate in B1 Tv. According to the latter source, Moraru will leave B1 in January of next year, when the revamping of B1 TV is expected. Contacted by Pagina de Media, Paunescu would not comment on the issue, only saying that “Wed­nesday or Thursday, I and Radu Moraru will make a formal announ­cement on the matter at hand and will clear this situation out.”

Last May, the Intact Trust announced that Mihai Gadea replaced Sorin Oancea as head of Antena 3 news channel, with the latter to keep his 25 per cent stake in the company and the position of chairman of the board of directors. The first information about the RCS&RDS plans to launch TV stations surfaced this week, yet company officials have made no comment on it so far.

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