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May 12, 2021

Moldovan president deems border treaty with Romania ‘illegal’

One week after the sealing of the treaty in Bucharest, Ghimpu claims PM Filat was not empowered to sign the document, warning that he has the final say.

Republic of Moldova acting President Mihai Ghimpu said yesterday that last week’s signing of a Romanian-Moldovan border treaty by Chisinau PM Vlad Filat and Bucharest FM Teodor Baconschi was illegal and unconstitutional. The treaty was signed while Filat was in Bucharest for the Danube Summit. Afterwards, several analysts and political opponents of Filat criticised the signing, saying that proper legislation was not respected since the document was sealed by a foreign minister and a prime minister.

In his turn, Ghimpu, who is also Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament, said Filat was not delegated to sign the treaty, which he deemed “illegal and unconstitutional.” “I had no knowledge of this agreement. The Foreign Ministry did not inform me as is customary. Neither did Filat. He was the one who was supposed to talk to me, not the other way around,” Ghimpu said according to Moldovan website Stirea Zilei.

The president underlined that he was not upset with Filat but warned that the treaty is in violation of the country’s Constitution because of the prime minister’s gesture. Last month, the Moldovan president also said he had no knowledge of negotiations on the border treaty coming close to an end. “I will get information about this treaty, but in the end the decision is mine,” Ghimpu said at the time, adding that he would sign the document “only when both sides agree to everything it provides.”

Filat made no comments on Ghimpu’s statements yesterday but recently, he rejected criticism of the treaty signing, explaining that the document could not be sealed by the Moldovan foreign minister, Iurie Leanca, since Moldovan president deems…

On Monday evening, Baconschi had a meeting with Chamber of Deputies foreign affairs committee members and discussed Moldovan ties, in the context of the border treaty. After the talks, committee head Attila Korodi told Mediafax that the foreign minister gave assurances “there is no problem” about the treaty, rejecting criticism of how it was signed.

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