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December 6, 2021

Police bust car theft ring, take 13 in custody

Bucharest Police yesterday took in custody 13 suspected members of a high-priced car theft ring. According to Police spokesman Christian Ciocan, quoted by Agerpres, officers recovered 5 out of 9 stolen BMW cars, and are probing deeper into the case. Police and prosecutors yesterday searched 21 locations in six counties and Bucharest, and arrested several people suspected of being involved in the theft of luxury cars. Ciocan said the ring stole nine high-priced automobiles – BMW X5 and BMW X6 – part of which were sent abroad, to be sold at smaller prices. The searches took place in Bucharest and the counties of Valcea, Vrancea, Bacau, Arges, Constanta and Calarasi. The probe focuses on unveiling possible connections between thieves and the owners of the stolen cars, who had insured their vehicles for important sums.

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