‘I doubt EU is looking out for you, ‘ Stratfor founder says

George Friedman, the founder of the Stratfor geopolitical analysis company, stated, in an interview published, yesterday, by, that EU and NATO failed to offer Romania the security it had hoped for when joining the two bodies, which is why Romania should consolidate its sovereignty, conducting its own policies, based on the pursuit of national interests. “The core of NATO and the core of the EU do not correspond, the core of the EU is made up by France and Germany, which do not form the core of NATO. Therefore, there is an asymmetry between your defence policy and your economic policy. “One of the things that Romanians have to understand is that their idea of the EU may not correspond to the Germans’ idea, the British are taking a distance from Europe and I don’t know what the French are up to,” he added. “In order to be a sovereign nation, you need to be in control of your sovereignty, of your national future, of your military and economic might. Romanians – and others – told themselves that, if they are members of the EU and of NATO, these organizations would look out for them and they will be free to see to other things. And I think this is the problem: because I doubt the EU is looking out for you, I am positive NATO it is not,” he underlined.

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