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June 25, 2022

Liberals set 35 pc election target for 2012

The deputy president of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Dan Radu Rusanu, stated, on Saturday, in Arad, that PNL had set a 35 per cent electoral target for 2012 elections and that the party was aiming to “win back” Transylvania in 2011, Mediafax reports. “PNL’s electoral target is a minimum 35 per cent. At present we’ve reached 27 per cent, according to the polls, and we hope, in 2011, we will manage to win back Transylvania, which predominantly backed PNL in 2004,” Rusanu stated.

The PNL deputy president further stated that “PNL’s trend is ascending,” but that this rise was not “an inertia effect”, adding that the party needed hard-working people. Rusanu added that PNL and the Democrat Liberal Party (PDL) could negotiate a possible collaboration only after the election of new Democrat-Liberals leaders, Agerpres reports.

“Since 2006-2007, between the Democrat Party and PNL a huge gap was formed, which is hard to bridge today. Against the background of today’s political and economic crisis in Romania, it seems natural and fair that the Democrat-Liberals should urge us to restore the Justice and Truth (DA) Alliance. However, after creating the economic disaster, PD wants to share the burden of this disaster of its own making with another party. I don’t think we are ready to take responsibility today for the political and economic disaster created by PDL,” Rusanu argued.

His comments came in response to a statement made, on Friday, in a press conference, by the PDL deputy president, Ioan Oltean, to the effect that the Justice and Truth Alliance may be restored, as what brings the two parties together should amount to more than things keeping them apart.

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